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Family Engagement

The East Hanover Child Care Center uses relevant technology to share with you your child's day on real time. The Brightwheel app is used to improve communication between home and school and encourage family engagement. 

The Brightwheel App

The teachers use Brightwheel to provide information about your child's daily activities, share reminders and special moments by posting photos.

To further enhance communication between teachers and parents you can send messages to your child's teacher and she can message you back.

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We are always happy to hear from you!

Open door policy:  we encourage parents to visit the center at any time, observe during  class time and participate in special functions

​​Monthly newsletters and the calendar of activities describe upcoming events and highlight activities in each of the classrooms

Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year and provide a formal assessment of each child’s progress. ​Parents can also ask for a conference at any other time of the year.

Tours: Parents are welcome to tour our facilities at any time

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