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Emotional Intelligence

Children develop conflict resolution skills in the same way they learn any skill: practice. Children need many opportunities to work on conflicts with each other to develop positive resolution skills. It is a slow process of construction using experience and direct input from the environment. 

Specific strategies/programs that we use:

- At our center teachers are trained in and use child guidance strategies that foster these interactions, such as helping out children talk out problems with each other, carefully selecting play materials so children experience success more often than frustration and defeat and giving children specific praise to reinforce pro-social behaviors. 

- In Preschool and Pre-k we use the Cloud9World Program. This program is an integrated social-emotional and literacy-based program that utilizes character strengths to teach social-emotional skills. 

- We help children develop conflict resolution skills and learn key compassion values through an experiential program that integrates mindfulness with movement, play and the arts.

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