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Welcome to the

East Hanover Child Care Center


The joy of learning

The East Hanover Preschool and Child Care's primary focus is to provide a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment where children are active protagonists of their own learning. An environment where life-long learning, critical thinking, joy and high self-esteem are recognized as capabilities of every child. The joy of learning is fundamental to our philosophy. It is supported by long-serving dedicated teachers who form respectful supportive relationships with families.


The East Hanover Preschool and Child Care is committed to excellence in early childhood education; it strives to fulfill the unique potential of each child in a supportive learning environment. We see children as full of potential and capable of building their own knowledge. We hire dedicated teachers and encourage and support their professional development. They get to know all children well, their families and the cultural and community contexts of their lives. They form supportive relationships with the families and document children's work that they share with them. 

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