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Director's Welcome

I grew up in Argentina and have lived abroad for the past fifteen years. I have a BS in Economics and am a certified Teacher from the University of Cambridge.

Fourteen years ago, when my eldest daughter was two, I started volunteering at the International Nursery in Belgrade, Serbia. Back then, I realized I had found my life’s calling and, from then on, worked with young children in Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden and Dubai.

I very much enjoyed working at various centers, getting to know people with different backgrounds and life experiences.

I love working with young children. Teaching in such diverse environments and programs has given me the chance to refine my view of the child and teaching. I believe children learn best when they feel valued and respected and are motivated and passionate about what they are doing. I see them full of potential and capable of building their own theories. I love seeing children, teachers and parents as partners in their children’s learning journeys.  

Please stop by the office any time.

Barbara Fucile

(973) 581-7100

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