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Health and Safety

The East Hanover Child Care Center is dedicated to following all of the Department of Children and Families and the CDC's guidelines and regulations for cleaning and disinfecting our school, as well as those relating to the children's and staff's health. Health and safety has  always been of utmost importance to us. These challenging times have created an even greater need for vigilance.

Below are some of the practices and high standards that you can expect at our center:

 * Daily health screening / temperature checks at the door using non contact infrared thermometers. Our health policy is strictly enforced. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, screening is the most effective method to conduct health checks. 

 * Masks are required by all adults entering the building and all staff. Children over the age of two are encouraged to wear them whenever feasible.

 * Tours and visitors are not permitted during operating hours.

 * Teachers and children are assigned to groups of no more than 10 children and do not mix with other groups throughout the day. 

 * Hand washing is required upon entering any classroom and is continually carried out throughout the day.

 * Children have individualized school supplies.

 * Our playground is disinfected after use by every class. All equipment is sprayed down.

 * Health and safety is taught as part of our curriculum to help the children understand and navigate the needs of our changing world.

 * Classroom surfaces and equipment are washed and sanitized throughout the day.

 * Our facility is professionally cleaned each night, as well as sanitized by UV light.

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