Virtual learning

In the month of June, we offer 6 programs for a total of 191 sessions

Our classes are offered by full time teachers to

complement the distant learning process deployed in May

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The Kindergarden Academy



•Letter sounds

•Tapping out letters and blending them to build words

•Word families


•Rhyming words

•Sight Words

Reading Fluency

Practicing Good Reading Habits

and Tricks

•Taking a picture walk (pre-reading)

•Using Picture Clues

•Matching pictures to initial sounds

•1 to 1 correspondence

•Recognizing and understanding punctuation

•Reading Comprehension

•Beginning, middle, and end

•Problem and solution

•Main idea and supporting details


•Compare and contrast


•Understanding the difference between fiction and non-fiction


The Kindergarten Academy

M-W-F     10:30-11:15

Tu-Th        2:00-2:45


  • Patterns

  • Shapes (Plain/2D and Solid/3D)

  • Counting and 1 to 1 correspondence when counting objects

  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Using fingers

  • Using manipulatives

  • Through drawing pictures

  • Using a number line

  • Organizing and sorting

  • Ordinal number words (first, second, before, after, more, less…)

  • More than and less than

  • Measurement

  • Introduction to coins

  • Introduction to time

The Kindergarten Academy 2

M-W-F        2:00-2:45

Preschool Patrol


•Alphabet Recognition

•Letter Sounds

•Matching pictures to beginning sound

•Rhyming words

•Creating word families

Reading Comprehension

•Reading aloud

•Listening to stories

•Talking about plot

•Learning about characters

Preschool Patrol (2).jpg


  • •Counting

  • •Number sense and recognition

  • •1 to 1 correspondence

  • •Shapes

  • •Patterns

Circle Time Activities

•Welcome routines




Preschool Patrol

M-W           10:30-11:15


Science Squad

Tu-Th        10:30-11:15


The Caring Corner

Tu-Th        10:30-11:15


Craft & Play

M-W            9:30-10:15

Tu-Th            3:00-3:45


Music & Movement

Tu-Th          10:30-11:15

Tu-Th            3:00-3:45



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